Is your insurance agency's client retention rate stifling profits?

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    Even a small uptick in your retention rate can have a dramatic effect on profitability. SmartsPro Marketing's reader-friendly, relevant, action-oriented content for insurance agents builds client loyalty and trust — and keeps your insurance agency top of mind.

    Along with excellent products and service, insurance content is a vital insurance client retention tool. Whether your agency sells life and health, property/casualty or all lines, we have a client retention tool for you. Find out more about our print newsletters, as well as email, web and other content delivery platforms.SmartsPro Insurance Newsletters    
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Newsletters — The Second-Best Way to Build Insurance Client Loyalty

The best way, of course, is to call on your customers and prospects personally — at least seven times a year, say some experts.

But who's got time for that?

That's why newsletters are your best marketing and customer service investment. SmartsPro publishes eight different insurance newsletters in print and a wide variety of digital formats.


Now There's a CRM Solution with Built-In SmartrsPro Marketing Content

SmartsPro is partnering with LeadMaster, one of the leading CRM providers, to offer agents a system that will develop, track and nurture leads, featuring reader-friendly content from SmartsPro Marketing that engages prospects and customers.

Learn more about the advantages of using LeadMaster and request a demo.

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Frustrated with Website Builders Who Don't Really Understand Your Agency or Your Marketing?

SmartsPro recognizes that each insurance agency has a unique business approach. We'll help you create a website that reflects what sets your agency apart from the rest, while building your site with the best SEO features to get you top rankings on the search engines. Check out our websites now.

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We partner with Constant Contact to help you get the most out of your email newsletter marketing.

We are proud to publish the only client newsletters endorsed by the National Association of Health Underwriters.

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It couldn’t be easier! I invest only about an hour per issue, and we get a high-quality newsletter, customized with our own articles, staff bios and photos, mailed out to our clients.

— Scott Addis, President,
The Addis Group, King of Prussia, Penn.