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Are You Using The Magic of KIT To Sell More Insurance?

KIT builds name recognition —
and helps you steal business from your competition

No, KIT is not a person or secret spell. KIT is a marketing strategy. KIT stands for “keeping in touch.” If you want to retain more of your existing business and take business from your competition, think of KIT as your secret spell. Because you'd be surprised by how many insurance agents don’t know the secret of KIT!

Content marketing is the most effective way to keep in touch with your clients and prospects. By providing them with regularly updated and relevant information about their insurance and risk management needs, you demonstrate your expertise and earn their trust.

Sure, you could create your own content. But who has the time? SmartsPro Marketing makes it easy by providing professionally written and designed client newsletters for you to send by mail or email. You can even post individual articles on your social media accounts.

Keeping in touch with a client newsletter from SmartsPro Marketing isn’t magic—but it’s so easy and effective it might as well be. Find out more about our print newsletters, as well as email, web and other content delivery platforms.

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The Insurance 411 website

Share First Class Insurance Content on Your Website and Social Sites

Have you discovered The Insurance 411 yet?

It was created for insurance buyers looking for easy-to-understand, accurate insurance information. The articles are perfect for agents to share as valuable, authoratative content. Copy an article link and share it on Facebook, for example. Or request a free RSS widget to stream the article topics of your choice to your website. Visit The Insurance 411.


Does Your CRM Solution Include Built-In Marketing Content?

SmartsPro is partnering with LeadMaster, one of the leading CRM providers, to offer agents a system that will develop, track and nurture leads, featuring reader-friendly content from SmartsPro Marketing that engages prospects and customers.

Learn more about the advantages of using LeadMaster and request a demo.

SmartsPro Insurance Agency Websites

What's The Secret to Building An Insurance Website That Creates Long-Term Clients?

Hint: It’s not SEO and it's not quote engines. Getting visitors to your website is definitely important, so focusing on SEO is the first step in a sound insurance website marketing strategy.

But if all you have to offer when your visitors get there are quote engines and sales slogans, you’re not really attracting the best kind of customer, are you? So what is the secret? Find out here.


Meet Some of our Partners

We partner with Constant Contact to help you get the most out of your email newsletter marketing.

We are proud to publish the only client newsletters endorsed by the National Association of Health Underwriters.

Want more information?
It couldn’t be easier! I invest only about an hour per issue, and we get a high-quality newsletter, customized with our own articles, staff bios and photos, mailed out to our clients.

— Scott Addis, President,
The Addis Group, King of Prussia, Penn.