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SmartsPro Insurance Newsletter Samples and Formats

SmartsPro offers our insurance client newsletters in a variety of formats to meet all your marketing needs.

Our most popular format is PRINT, since the open rate is virtually 100%.  Compare that to email, where an excellent open rate is 25-35%. Mail boxes are a lot less cluttered in these days of electronic delivery, so your mailings stand out better. And print has durability. People hang on to print newsletters to read later — and you can hand them out to people, put them in presentations and display them in your waiting room.

For tips on when to use print and when to use email, you may find these short blog posts informative:

However, our EMAIL NEWSLETTERS provide several unique benefits you don’t get with print newsletters:

  1. Your newsletter readers will be just a click away from links on your website and other calls to action.
  2. You can see who reads your newsletter and which articles they open.
  3. You can link your newsletter to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  4. You can use your account to send mass emails about anything — not just your newsletters.

Like many of our customers, you may decide to send print newsletters to some of your contacts and email newsletters to the rest. Send print newsletters to contacts you know won’t open your email newsletters and those you really want to make sure will see your branding regularly. Send email to your opt-ins and general prospecting lists. We have a package that combines both.

View a sample of our insurance newsletters in HTML EMAIL format.

Our newsletter content can also be streamed to your WEBSITE, providing a great way to automatically update content on a regular basis and engage visitors.

View a sample of our insurance newsletters in our STREAMING WEBSITE format.

You can select from eight different life & health and property and casualty newsletters. Get just one of them or rotate between several different ones. All our newsletters — print and digital — are tailored to your agency, with your logo, photos, webs links and other customized features.

Employee Benefits Report Employee Benefits Report Published each month, Employee Benefits Report’s topics range from up-to-date compliance news to practical suggestions for controlling benefit costs. Employee Benefits Report is the only employee benefits client newsletter endorsed by NAHU, the National Association of Health Underwriters.
Insurance Buyers’ News Insurance Buyers’ News, published bi-monthly in odd-numbered months, provides well-researched articles on preventing losses and information about essential insurance coverages for the kinds of losses a business can’t avoid. Insurance Buyers’ News raises your clients’ awareness of current risk management issues and positions you as a trusted advisor.
Life & Health Insurance Advisor Not everyone has employer-provided benefits. Life & Health Insurance Advisor helps guide your clients and prospects through the sometimes bewildering array of individual life, health and retirement products available today. Published monthly and sponsored by the National Association of Health Underwriters.
Workers’ Comp & Safety News Workers’ Comp & Safety News is published bi-monthly in even-numbered months, for agencies that want to showcase their workers’ comp expertise. This newsletter provides you a clear edge by supplying practical, usable updates on subjects such as employee safety, managing claims and reducing costs.
Personal Lines Each quarter, Personal Lines keeps your clients up to date on personal property and liability coverages, along with useful tips on reducing their risk exposures. Unlike many other newsletters, Personal Lines respects the intelligence of your clients and prospects by providing information they can really use to manage their personal risk.
Managing Risk Your clients are looking for ways to identify and better control their business risks. Managing Risk lets you reach out each quarter with current information that helps your clients make educated decisions and manage potential losses, from business property to liability to workers’ compensation.
Voluntary Benefit Solutions Many employers need to cut their benefit budgets, but still want to offer employees an attractive benefit package. Others are looking for low-cost ways to expand benefit offerings. Every other month, Voluntary Benefits Solutions helps you promote voluntary benefits to these employers.
Employee Benefits & Workers’ Comp News Every other month in even-numbered months, Employee Benefits & Workers’ Comp News helps you highlight your expertise in both the benefits and workers’ compensation fields. This newsletter addresses the risk management needs of many small to mid-sized businesses, and gives you another way to position yourself as the expert they should turn to.

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  • Insurance Newsletter   Testimonials

  • "Very rarely do you find an organization like SmartsPro that truly understands the industry that they serve. How do they prove it? Through clear and concise monthly content. I would confidently recommend James Whitaker and his publishing team to anyone but my competition!”

    — Ryan Liabenow,
    President & Client Relations,
    Webber Benefits Group,
    Benzonia, Mich.

  • "I really appreciate the quality of your newsletters. I've worked in other industries where good content is fairly easy to find, but in this industry for some reason, that's not often the case. We're proud to put our name on the content that SmartsPro Marketing provides us."

    — Will McDonald,
    Director of Marketing & Client Relations,
    MFG Benefits,
    Reno, Nev.

  • "We are very impressed with the quality of the Newsletter and how clear and precise the PPACA articles are. Thank you!"

    — Ann Tyler,
    Business Manager,
    Boys & Tyler Financial Group,
    Eden Prairie, Minn.
  • “We try to ‘touch’ our clients in a number of ways throughout the year. We sometimes put on seminars; we send birthday and sympathy cards and calendars, and we talk to our clients on the phone regularly. And of course we send our newsletter out monthly. We want our clients to keep us top of their mind."

    — Aimee Ouimette,
    Wisconsin Benefit Planning, Inc.,
    Minocqua, Wis.
  • “Upon sending the first issue of our SmartsPro newsletter for our agency, we received positive responses from our clients. The information in the newsletter is dependable, relevant and interesting. It makes our agency shine above the competition in terms of the value-added services we provide our clients. And it establishes for our clients a sense of value to our agency. This option was definitely a win-win decision.”

    — Wendy Vanderwater,
    Group Benefits Producer,
    Threlkeld & Company Insurance,
    Tyler, Tex.
  • "We've been a Smart's client newsletter customer for over ten years. We find the newsletters to be very informative. They provide a great way to touch base with our clients and prospects. I'm a firm believer in sending them to clients because when they read about the coverages they need, they call us to get them."

    — Van Maroevich,
    President and CEO,
    MOC Insurance Services,
    San Francisco, Calif.
  • “I really think my newsletters have bumped up my credibility a couple of notches,”

    — Susan Emery,
    Emery Benefit Solutions,
    Auburn Hills, Mich.
  • "We've been very pleased with the professionalism of the SmartsPro newsletters. They allow us to keep our name in front of customers and prospects by providing useful risk management and insurance information they can use to help them run their businesss better."

    — Scott Crawford,
    Sr. Vice President,
    J. Smith Lanier & Co.,
    Atlanta, Ga.
  • "We struggled for over a year to develop our own content before we found our SmartsPro newsletter. Now we could not imagine not having it. It is a great resource for our clients and we get positive feedback from them. It's an incredible way to stay 'top of mind' with our clients."

    — Michael Bakonyi, REBC,
    Managing Partner,
    Employer Solutions Group,
    Austin, Tex.
  • "[Newsletters are ]… a great way to get your name in front of clients. If people constantly see something, that's a way to make them always think [about you] in regards to all their needs."

    — Linda Radcliffe
    Marketing Coordinator,
    GCG Financial,
    Bannockburn, Ill.
  • "The thought of creating from scratch a regular-scheduled customer newsletter, complete with industry updates and relevant articles as well as my insurance brokerage firm's news, is daunting. If I didn't have Smart's Publishing to rely on for the researching, writing and laying-out of our Insurance Buyer's News newsletter, all my time would go toward its production.

    What I like most is its flexibility; I can include as many or as few articles and pictures of my own as I want. If my company has news or an event that I'd like to share with customers, then I can customize our newsletter with self-written articles. Or I can leave it entirely up to Smart's Publishing to produce my company's newsletter, and it's sure to include timely information that is valuable to our customers."

    — Christina MaGee
    Higginbotham & Associates,
    Fort Worth, Tex.
  • " It couldn’t be easier! I invest only about an hour per issue, and we get a high-quality newsletter, customized with our own articles, staff bios and photos, mailed out to our clients."

    — Scott Addis,
    The Addis Group,
    King of Prussia, Penn.



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